Calgary's New Housing Developments

5 Reasons to Buy into One of Calgary’s New Housing Developments

Calgary goes through a boom in real estate investments and there are several reasons why to buy into one of the city’s new housing developments:

1. New design

A new housing development comes with an aura of freshness, like most “new” things do. This newness aura is not only embedded in the date of the building project, but is also present in the construction’s design features created by the greatest and latest home builders in Calgary. We also provide thing like Paving Calgary and Our city’s premier builders have years of experience in housing developments industry. They create innovative new interior/exterior designs and floor plans that fit perfectly with our lifestyles.

2. Warranty

Another desirable thing about purchasing one of Calgary’s new housing developments is the mandatory warranty that comes with all appliances pre-installed in the household, as well as the Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act. Home buyers in Calgary can now rest assured that if something doesn’t work properly or is faulty, they will have it replaced even several months after moving in.  Here is a breakdown of the warranty. We can help with such things as calgary furnace repairs and HVAC such as air conditioning

3. Customization

Whether you found a great pre-designed floor plan matching your needs in Evanston or you plan to buy a luxury home in Aspen Woods, it is most likely that you will find with your developer of choice dozens of customizable options. In most instances, purchasing a new home in one of Calgary’s new housing developments will offer you various customizable options, including exterior color, interior painting color, blinds and lighting fixture, kitchen countertops, and flooring. In case of more high-end purchases you may also get to choose some fancy appliances such as an 8-burner gas-stove Gas insert fireplace professionally installed , a touch-screen and more. ask us about the professional interior painting we provide

4. Repair-free

With the purchase of a new home in Calgary you get new heating and air systems, new plumbing and a full set of new appliances. The fact that you will not have to spend much time and money on maintaining these features comes with a big financial benefit. For at least a few years, you will enjoy your new home repair free. The same goes for the exterior of your new home where you’ll find new railings, trim, ad vinyl-wrapped windows that can stand the test of time.

5. Convenient technologies

A home in one of Calgary’s new housing developments comes with new technologies. These smart home technologies aim to make your life much more comfortable, safe and convenient. For instance, smart thermostats can  Our IT Support Calgary  team learn from your behaviors and adjust themselves based on your preferences and the ambient conditions such as an increase in humidity. New technology such as smart locks can allow you to your lock doors remotely and gain keyless access by using a keypad to enter a code.