Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repair  Problems


Exposure to the weather elements, poor maintenance, and low quality materials and accessories could lead to frequent garage door problems call Garage Pros Calgary . Mechanical, electrical and electronic components can fail, resulting in problems related to functionality, safety and durability of the door assembly. Identification of the problems at the right time can help in troubleshooting them efficiently. You may choose the DIY method or call Garage Pros Calgary  to accomplish the task of restoring the safety and functionality of the door to its original condition. You need to ensure cost effectiveness and service/product quality to be of the highest standards. It can avoid repetitive repairs and prolong the lifespan of the door for many years.

Common Garage Door Repair Calgary problems

Sectional Doors


  • Door Opening/Closing Problem: The sectional door opening/closing problem could be due to broken spring, jammed tracks, electrical faults, and faulty connectors and so on. If the door doesn’t respond to the remote control, you can try opening the door manually. Then you will know it is related to electrical problem. Check the power supply to the motor. Circuit breaker can often trip or fail, creating the door opening problems. The problems could also be with the remote sensor, motor winding, internal motor defects etc. You need to check the two parts of the door using the testing and diagnosis tools. Then you can detect the problem precisely and get the door repaired. If any of the mechanical parts are broken, rusted, or brittle, you can replace /clean/ repair them to restore the working condition of the door. The other common causes could be associated with the flag bracket, roller bracket, cables, hinges, and joints. Detailed inspection can reveal the external and external defects.
  • Unusual Noise Problem: The first thing you need to check is the lubrication. Lack of this material can often cause the noises. You can use a silicon spray or grease to solve the problem. Worn out hinges, loose springs, faulty lever, non-alignment of the door, and the damaged anti vibration pads are some of the other common causes. You should inspect all the probable noise generating parts to take the right kind of corrective and preventive actions.

Sliding Doors:

The sliding garage door could have a single door or multiple sections. You can operate it with the help of a wall mounted switch or remote. Common problems are related to opening and closing. They can become severe during rainy and winter seasons. The rails shrink during winter, jamming the sliding doors in between. The other common problems with the sliding door could be damaged roller, slider, worn out parts & tracks, damaged frames, motor and sensor problems etc. Brittle and rusted parts also contribute to the non-functionality of the sliding doors.

  • Repair or Replace: You can repair the parts as long as they are within the tolerance limits of functionality. For example, you can repair a sliding wheel that is rusted. But you can’t repair it when the wheel is worn out, damaged or developed cracks. Then you need to replace it.
  • Troubleshoot: Warped /damaged parts like the center bracket, guide roller strip, hanger, roller strips, and joint bracket can also cause the sliding garage door to malfunction. In such instances you need to inspect all the connected parts and asses the troubleshooting methods. List out all the reparable parts and those to be replaced. Having eh proper equipment and tools can help in simplifying the process of parts replacement. If you use the DIY procedure, it is better to follow a specific technical guide for troubleshooting.
  • DIY or Specialist: Simple problems with the sensors, bow handle, door frame roller and other external parts can be repaired using the DIY procedures. If here are critical damages and internal defects, you will certainly need the help of a professional repairer.

Roller Doors

The mechanical and electrical problems of the roller doors could be associated with multiple parts and components of the assembly. The dimension and the material used in the door also contribute to the increased intensity of the problem.

  • Curtain Roll: The curtain door can rust, become brittle, warp, develop cracks in slats, separate from the barrel, and sag. You can remove the rust by using sandpaper and applying the corrosion inhibitor.  If the material becomes brittle and stars breaking, you may need to replace the curtain roll.
  • Tension Wheel: The tension wheel can have a broken spring, shaft pin, or barrel pin. In such instances the wheel starts rotating freely, resulting in door crashes. The only solution I to replace the parts.
  • Bracket Assembly: The bracket has a top mounting face bottom rail and a supporting L-metal beam on top. Rusting, brittleness, and defects in the parts like the cable plate, pulley, spring, cable knot, cables, and the rollers. Detailed inspection can reveal the defects accurately. Troubleshooting mainly involves replacement of parts, since repairing the faulty parts could lead to reduced safety and durability in the long run.
  • Roller Motor: The stress on the roller motor is high during opening and closing of the roller shutter. The motor could have broken springs, dead battery, short-circuit in power lines, scrubbing wind-locks, etc. It is better to take the help of a professional garage door specialist to fix the problems with the motor, unless you are familiar with the intricate designs of motor.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors can develop termites, molds, stains, and absorb moisture from the surroundings to become brittle and warp. Most affected parts are the frame and the panel. The other mechanical problems associated with the springs, rollers, hinges, locks, and the other parts are similar to the other types of doors.

Garage Door Repair Specialists

You can benefit from the professional garage door repair specialists, since they have the tools and techniques to ensure safety and efficient functionality. With their experience and expertise, they can simplify your task of all types of repairs at cost effective rates. They can also handle the post repair maintenance tasks with zero hassles.