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Product Website

Online search for the furnace replacement can take you some of the best portals where you can find reliable and long lasting products. You can input your heating requirements in the online form and get a quote. Compare the product specifications with the similar quotes from the other suppliers before taking a final decision. Parts and labor warranty are the two primary aspects you should check and compare in the products, beside the performance parameters. Make a list of the brands and seller details which match exactly with your specific requirements. If the site offers product specifications, you can download a copy and save on your system.

Product Reviews

Product reviews in the blogs and social media can help you get an insight into the technical and functional details. There are certain primary criteria which you should specifically analyze and compare. Ignition system, number of stages, burner and heat exchanger, design and construction, control panel, and the fuel consumption are some of the technical specifications you can compare between the various brands and models.  Make a list of all the details in a spreadsheet for each brand.

Customer Testimonials

Now, open the social media and search for the particular furnace brand and model. The reviews written in these sites are primarily from the consumers. They may not tell you much about the technical specifications, but they are certainly useful for leaning about the functional efficiency. You can also see the star rating for every brand and model of your selection list. Make note of your observations on the spreadsheet.

Every product will have positive and negative reviews about them. Read both and weigh the percentage carefully. A negative review doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad about the product. It may also be due to the inability or lack of knowledge about how to use the specific features of a product. In such cases, you should read the tone of the testimonial and the review.

Product Videos

Product videos on YouTube and other websites will give you an insight into the product specifications and functional details from the user and expert perspective. Make sure you have seen at least 5 to 6 brands and related models.

Always keep your technical and financial limitations in mind while choosing the best products. It will prevent you from choosing a furnace which may not be affordable or feasible. Follow the link at the end of the video and check the product details from the dealer/manufacturer perspective.

Local Dealer

You can contact a local product dealer in your region and visit the showroom for a personal product inspection. Seeing the furnace directly and felling it physically can make a lot of difference to your selection and buying experience for example if you are looking for  calgary furnace repairs

Product Demo

Live product demo from the product dealer can give you the detailed information about the design, construction, function, and the operational procedures. You can check the heating capacity, safety features, fuel consumption, operational efficiency, heating time, peak value, minimum heating, and the other details. List out the features and compare them with your existing brand and model (when it was working at the efficiency peak). Note down the pros and cons of both the models.

Talk to the dealer about the warranty and safety features. You can specify your heating requirements, number of rooms, old model benefits and limitations, your expectations from the new model, etc. he can understand the equation clearly and give you the detailed technical information apart from the demo. Make a note in the spreadsheet and compare between the different brands and models of the furnace.

Customer Review

Consult your friends or neighbors who have bought similar products in the past. You can request for the best dealer reference in your region and visit the store.

Mechanical Contractor

The mechanical contractor who repairs and maintains your old furnace can give you valuable information about where to Calgary Furnace pro . He is one of the guys who know about what they advise. You can also show him the details of the spreadsheet listing and take his opinion on them.

Evaluation Standards

The furnace repairman can give you the best advice based on his personal evaluation of the product specifications and your needs. He looks at the technical and cost factors equally. He can tell you about the hidden secrets in the warranty offered by many of the dealers, based on their terms and conditions. So, you can trust him about the evaluation standards.

Product Experience

Having worked with a vast range of brands and models, he will know about the quality, construction, functionality, adaptability (to your home conditions), and the durability. He can also tell you about the probable limitations of the brands when it comes to servicing your specific needs for the present and the future.

Endurance Features

Being an expert repairman, he can tell you about the potential failure points (generic and specific to your home conditions) of the furnaces in the short and long term. Since he is familiar with the usage pattern in your home, he can suggest the best brand that is scalable to your increasing needs.

Fuel Efficiency

When your furnace repairer tells you about the fuel efficiency of a specific brand, it is clear he is talking from his practical experience. You can’t find similar advice from any other location, except perhaps the customer testimonials. But the review from the technical expert can be considered as the best.

Need for Replacement

Before thinking about replacement, you have to evaluate the real need for a new furnace to your home. Is the old system a functional failure, fuel consuming monster, or a frequent breakdown junk? There are many other questions your repairman can ask you and answer on your behalf too.

If your idea of replacement is only cosmetic (You may feel your old model doesn’t look attractive any more), then you have to think twice. If the issues are critical, you can immediately take a decision on the replacement of the old furnace with a new model as soon as possible.

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